Adventure and Outdoor Education

Join the adventure!

Group activities that are goal-oriented and fun let everybody challenge themselves and learn valuable lessons.

Do you want to focus on physical skills and boosting courage? How about enhansing self-understanding and psychological well-being? Also, social skills and a sense of responsibility? All are important for personal growth and learning!

Design your ideal programme with the help of our professional instructors. Please contact Mira Pyökkilehto: or +358 (0)40 839 6354. Mira is an environmental educator and nature connection guide, who has over a decade of experience of using camp based form of pedagogy at Metsäkartano. Mira’s strength is to help create connections between young people and nature, and she thinks that it might be one of the most important thing to do nowadays.

For more information on adventure and outdoor education at the Finnish youth centres, download the digital leaflet on Adventure and Outdoor Education.

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