Fun Activities at Metsäkartano

Are you and your friends excited about creating a memorable experience? Or are you looking for a peaceful getaway for yourself in the heart of pure wilderness?

Discover the unique beauty found in the surrounding nature - both within the dappled forests and sparkling lakes. Even inside, let your adventurous spirit soar by reaching the top of our climbing wall and creating unique pieces of art.

All throughout the year, there are always memories to be made at Metsäkartano. Our professional team and quality equipment ensure everyone has fun!

Winter Outdoor Activities

Experience the peaceful silence of fresh snow and enjoy the crisp air as you breath while you explore the vast Finnish terrain.

Metsäkartano Youth Centre Winter Activities
Metsäkartano Youth Centre Summer Activities

Summer Outdoor Activities

Feel the life rushing in your veins after dipping in a refreshing lake, or have the gentle waves rock your canoe on a warm summer day.

Special group programmes

Specialising in groups, we provide the perfect setting for a fabulous holiday or a camp adventure.

Metsäkartano Youth Centre Activities
Metsäkartano Youth Centre Winter Activities

Equipment rental

Explore the fantastic Finnish nature and experience exciting activities all year round by borrowing or renting our high-quality equipment.

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