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Metsäkartanontie 700, 73900 Rautavaara, Finland

Metsäkartano Youth Centre and Nature Hotel combines Finland's pure nature with memorable experiences and activities all year round. We bring groups together and support sustainable and responsible values.
As one of the nine Finnish Youth Centres, Metsäkartano is located in the heart of the Finnish Lakeland, only 1,5 hours from central Kuopio - in the vicinity of Tiilikkajärvi National Park.

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Opening hours


Summer daily 8-18
Winter daily 8-15


Summer daily 8-18
Winter daily mainly 8-14

Please note there may be changes in the opening hours.
Call us to check: +358(0)40 839 6350.

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Metsäkartano Staff

Metsäkartano Managing Director Jari Korkalainen

Jari Korkalainen

executive director

Metsäkartano Mari Kokolahti

Mari Aaltonen

sales & MARKeting

Metsäkartano Tanja Liimatainen

Tanja Liimatainen


Programmes and activities Mira Pyökkilehto

Mira Pyökkilehto

programmes & guided activities

Social youth work, nuotta coordinator

Metsäkartano Youth Centre Maija Jeskanen

Maija Jeskanen

International youth work
(On maternity leave)

Metsäkartano head chef Tiina Väätäinen

Tiina Väätäinen

head chef

Metsäkartano Youth Centre Kari Korkalainen

Kari Korkalainen


Project coordinator Elina Ahonen

Elina Ahonen

"roihu" Project coordinator Elina Ahonen

Metsäkartano Youth Centre Anne Taskinen

Anne Taskinen


Metsäkartano Youth Centre Heta Malinen

Heta Malinen

youth work coordinator / eastern finland

Metsäkartano Youth Centre Leena Korhonen

Leena Korhonen


Metsäkartano Youth Centre Irma Koistinen

Irma Koistinen


Metsäkartano Youth Centre Sirkku Nevalainen

Caroola Mustonen

Voimaa vanhemmuuteen family camp project coordinator


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