Educational Camps and School Trips: Learn and Have Fun

Educational camps and school trips are perfect to exchange your traditional classroom with an exciting wilderness environment or have a memorable and fun trip with your school mates. Finnish and international schools value how we incorporate outdoor and nature activities into our programme, as well as a group's specific goals and needs.

As one of the nine youth centres approved by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, we ensure our visitors and staff are safe and have a great time. With nearly 40 years of experience, Metsäkartano is one of the biggest educational camp and school trip organisers in Finland with over 100 groups annually creating life-long memories here.

Come together and create your own unique memories surrounded by the pure Finnish nature!

School trip, educational camp or educational tour - which one is it for you? Let us tailor an unforgettable experience for your group!

Virtual Trip to Metsäkartano
Nuorisokeskus Metsäkartano leirinuotio

Everyone Loves Camp!

Metsäkartano's programmes are based on Progressive Education methods that encourage enviromental and experiental learning. Our professional instructors and guides help groups and individuals to learn by doing - get hands on to improve skills in team building, collaborative problem-solving, and social interaction.

Have you ever sat around a glowing campfire and created life-long memories? It's a wonderful experience to come together and have deep conversations, or relax and reflect alone!

Adventurous Experiences All Year Round

Would you like to visit for an adventurous day or a longer exhilarating month - or something in between? We are happy to help organise an all-inclusive package including an ideal programme for every season.
Whether you come in the summer to experience the midnight sun, the autumn to gaze at the rainbow of changing leaves, or the winter to feel the crisp snow, we have a wide range of exciting possible activities.
Be courageous and come try something new!
Fun activities at Metsäkartano
Metsäkartano Youth Centre biking
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