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Metsäkartano Youth Centre has almost 40 years experience in organising youth camps, international youth exchanges, volunteer work, school camps, training courses for youth workers and other events. All youth group programmes are tailor-made according to customers needs.

The purpose of all the international youth work is to promote the acceptance of others, tolerance, feeling of community, cultural understanding and awareness, intercultural dialogue and solidarity.

"During my time in Finland I experienced the Finnish culture and discovered the place given to youth work in the society. I had been working with international groups before and started to study non-formal education. I was able to use my knowledge to assist the youth team as much as possible. I learnt about communication and digital work during this mission.
I liked the place, the team, the people and the country. My contract ended in September 2020. Laura"

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International Youth Work

International activities such as youth exchanges, voluntary service and mobility projects for youth workers are an important part of Metsäkartano´s youth work. These events allow participants across Europe and beyond to participate in rewarding experiences.  

We are active users of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes. Our international network is wide and we are known as a reliable and experienced project partner. Metsäkartano offers guidance and tutoring to youngsters and youth workers seeking adventure and a new set of skills. The goal is to improve the internationalization of the Finnish youth and youth workers as well as to provide unforgettable non-formal learning experiences for the visiting international youth groups.


Every year via European Solidarity Corps programme we host, send and coordinate short and long term volunteers. Metsäkartano offers meaningful work tasks in the field of youth work together with inspiring and empowering experience. Voluntary work is a great way to develop new skills and competences and learn more about other culture.  

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Metsäkartano Youth Work
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Current projects

Be EnvironMental Strategic partnership project

This long term project aims to develop youth work methodologies and interventions for working with nature and implement environmental initiatives that deliver real positive change in local communities. Metsäkartano collaborates with Irish, Spanish, and Armenian partners.

European Solidarity Corps


Voluntary work in Lauenburg youth services
Metsäkartano offers a yearlong volunteering placement in Lauenburg Germany, for a Finnish youngster. Voluntary work is mainly done at the local youth house together with municipalities´ youth workers. The project will take place when pandemic settles down. Read more about the project from here.


We start hosting long term volunteers from January 2022 on. Volunteers will work in Metsäkartano ´s different departments, focusing on youth work. Ask for more information about our volunteering possibilities!  

Our network around the globe

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