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Metsäkartano Youth Centre and Nature Holiday Resort

Come and join a wilderness adventure in the shadows of the forest in Metsäkartano Youth Centre and Nature Holiday Resort, where the air is as clean as it can get and where you really can hear the sound of nature. Experience a guided nature snowshoe expedition or hiking through forest trails, and take a moment to rest by a campfire. Feel the life rushing in your veins after dipping in a refreshing lake, or have the gentle waves rock your canoe on a warm summer day.
Metsäkartano wilderness centre is a stunning retreat situated in Finland’s Lakeland region, only 1,5 hours from central Kuopio - located right next to Tiilikkajärvi National Park. Specialising in groups, we provide the perfect setting for a fabulous holiday or a camp adventure. You will enjoy many exciting outdoor experiences among vast forests, tranquil lakes and rivers which weave in and out of the lush countryside. Everyone will love discovering many surprises found in the great outdoors as they embark on fun activities together all year. Youth camp, camp school or nature holiday - which one is it for you?
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Sustainable Travel Finland Metsäkartano

We take care of our customers, staff and nature

Metsäkartano has strong responsible and sustainable values, which are visible in our everyday actions. The basis of our work is at environmental education and experiental learning - and exploring the great outdoors.

We want to create opportunities for people to get stronger connection with themselves and the nature. We have made connecting with the nature easy as possible, since our learning environment is the Finnish nature.

Youth Center Metsäkartano is awarded as a social enterprise, as we target our profits for promoting our youth work. We are also awarded with a Green Key, which is a standard for environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Green Key Metsäkartano

Network of nine Finnish Youth Centres

Metsäkartano is one of nine Finnish Youth Centres specialised in youth work. Our function is to develop the methods used in the field of youth work, to further the skills of the youth, and to enable young people’s travelling domestically and abroad. We are supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture and we follow the current Youth Act and Youth Policy Programme.

As a Youth Centre the purpose of Metsäkartano is to promote international youth co-operation,  non-formal education and environmental education.
We offer a safe and secure environment for camps, courses, trainings and activities - 365 days a year. Our facilities are designed for the youth and the premises are in the heart of the beautiful Finnish nature.

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