Metsäkartano Educational Camp Packages, Winter Program

Start your day out fresh as you create fresh footprints in the fresh snow on your way to the breakfast buffet! Where will your footprints take you during today's adventure? Will you hike to a campfire to make s'mores, or will you strap on snowshoes to test the fresh powdered snow at the top of a peak? Get your blood racing as you speed back down the hill on skis through the forest tracks.

Tailor your educational camp package to include all the adventures and activities perfect for your group's needs and interests. Metsäkartano's packages include furnished accommodations, Finnish sauna, meals, and activities. Below is one example of a package (recommended for ages 7 – 20 years).

Accommodation possibilities for groups from 10 up to 180 individuals. Accommodation info here

Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snack) are home-made from local and mostly organic ingredients. Served in the restaurant (buffet-style) or available for pick-up (e.g. for campfire cooking).

Activities are guided by our professional instructors to ensure participants are safe and have fun. All equipment is included in the guided activities, and some is available for individual rental to further practise and explore. Feel free to choose from a variety of our fun, non-guided activities and games.  Activity info here

Price: per request

Metsäkartano snowshoeing

Day 1

Arrival to Metsäkartano
Snow shoe trip, getting to know forest types and animal prints
Sauna culture and how to enjoy Finnish sauna
Sauna and swimming
Evening snack around a campfire

Day 2

Cross country skiing
Wilderness skills
Baking Carelian Pies
Evening snack

Day 3

Stone jewellery from Finnish soapstone
Sliding snowshoe (Altai ski) trip - Just have fun!
A memorable dinner around an open fire

Day 4

Creativity and Finnish culture
School visit to Rautavaara elementary school
Sauna and evening snack

Day 5

Breakfast and departure from Metsäkartano

Recommended possible activities

Forests around Metsäkartano are continental climate and belonging to the boreal vegetation zone. In most countries, forests are divided based on tree types. However in Finland, the forest types are independent of the tree species and characterised by distinct and largely identical plant species.

Objectives: The goal is to get to know surrounding nature areas and its forest types. The participants will learn to explore the nature by snow shoe walking through different terrain and to share information with each other. Participants will learn to identify different animal prints and try to find as many as possible.

Description: With the help of an instructor, the participants will start to collect information by exploring and taking notes. Participants will also be encouraged to discuss and ask questions. Metsäkartano will provide snow shoes.

Note: Weather conditions determine required clothing and suitable terrain to explore.

Skiing is one of the favourite sports among the Finns, as according to statistics, there are more than 600,000 cross country skiers in Finland. We will start by learning basic skiing techniques and choose skiing tracks from different terrains based on skiing skills.

Objectives: The goal is to offer experiences in a form of a skiing activity new to many of the students. Everyone will learn to evaluate their own learning curve.

Description: Instructor will help students to learn basic skiing techniques and to recognize their own skill for the activity. After basic teaching students will be divided into groups based on their need to learn deeper skills. Metsäkartano will provide cross country skies, poles and skiing boots.

Note: Temperature limit -18C

Wilderness skills used to be everyday skills in older times in Finland. Surviving in changing seasons, weather and terrains requires knowledge of using the knife, making fire and shelter. We will learn together how to make fire in different conditions and different weathers and learn how to use tools safely to build temporary shelter.

Objectives: With the help of instructor students will gain knowledge and skill for wilderness skills: save way of using knife, different ways of making fire and different techniques for building temporary shelter to forest. Students will learn to take care of themselves in wilderness locations.

Description: Instructor will give theory lesson for wilderness skills indoors. After basic knowledge lesson theory will be transferred into practice outdoors near Metsäkartano main building area. Instructor will teach safe ways of using tools and making fire in nature. Metsäkartano provides needed tools and equipment´s for all activities used during workshop.

Note: Prepare yourself according to the weather for outdoor practice.

Carelian pies (Karjalanpiirakka in Finnish) has Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG) status in Europe. We will bake together rye crusted pies filled with rice porridge and eat them warm from oven with traditional egg butter.

Objectives: The goal is to give students skill to bake traditional pastry and learn more about Finnish food culture.

Description: Instructor will give basic information about baking and students will be in charge of baking pastries for their own meal. End of the program baked pastries will be eaten together while reflecting the activity. Metsäkartano provides all equipment and ingredients used during workshop.

Note: Inform instructor if you have gluten allergy or you are sensitive to dust.

Finnish soapstone is one of the treasures from Finnish bedrock. Locally mined stone is the best quality in the world. Stone is easy to work with hand tools and gives you satisfaction of doing art with your hands.

Objectives: Student will have at the end of workshop knowledge and skill to work with soaps stone. Instructor will teach and help students to start creative process of creating own pendant.

Description: Instructor will give basic information of tools and techniques to work with soap stone. Stone is easy to work with hand tools.

Note: Inform instructor if you have dust allergy. Work is dusty so take it into consideration when choosing clothing.

Have a blast in rolling terrain with these snowshoe/ski hybrids! Modernized version of moving on top of the snow with your own winter boots opens the landscape to roam. We will explore surrounding forests, swamp areas and frozen lake, getting to know winter biology, flora and fauna.

Objectives: Students will have the skill to move in snowy conditions with sliding snow shoes. During the trip students will also have information about winter forest and its inhabitants.

Description: Terrain around Metsäkartano offers possibilities to learn to move with sliding snow shoes on forest areas, hills and frozen lake. Footprints of animals can be found and recognized during the journey. Metsäkartano provides sliding snow shoes and poles.

Note: Weather during the winter time can be between plus degrees and -18C. Choose your clothing and shoes according to the weather. When weather is colder than -18C program will be changed to indoor activity.

“Kammi”, turf cabin used to be the accommodation in ancient times in Finland. Oldest found turf cabin dates 8500 years ago. Metsäkartanos turf cabin is modernized version offering perfect opportunity to have a meal by the fire next to the lake and still protected from elements. During the evening we will enjoy meal by the fire, learn stories from Finnish anthem “Kalevala” and have special ceremony based on traditional protectors of nature.

Objectives: Students will have experience and information about the past housing in Finland. Students will be active part of evening program.

Description: Turf cabin is situated approx. 700 meters from main building area. Moving to turf cabin can happen by foot, by canoe or by sliding snow shoes depending on season and weather. Turf cabin is protected from rain. During the evening instructor will give students demonstration and program about Finnish culture and traditions. End of the program group will enjoy meal prepared by the fire. Metsäkartano provides needed equipment´s for all activities and meal during workshop.

Note: Wear clothing according to the weather. Turf cabin is under the soil so there is little bit colder than outside during summer time.


Finns have a very strong sense of national identity. This is rooted in the country’s history – particularly its honorable wartime achievements and significant sporting merits – and is today nurtured by pride in Finland’s high-tech expertise. Via different creative methods we have chance to learn Finnish language, culture, music, movies and past time glory.

Objectives: With the help of instructor students will have basic information of Finnish culture and creative methods to create a play from learned subjects. At the play students will introduce their own viewpoint of Finnish.

Description: Instructor will give students basic information about Finnish culture in interactive workshop. Students will have time to develop their own play by using learned methods. Metsäkartano will provide needed equipments and tools used during workshop.

The main objective of Finnish education policy is to offer all citizens equal opportunities to receive education. The structure of the education system reflects these principles. The system is highly permeable, that is, there are no dead-ends preventing progression to higher levels of education. The focus in education is on learning rather than testing. There are no national tests for pupils in basic education in Finland. Instead, teachers are responsible for assessment in their respective subjects on the basis of the objectives included in the curriculum. Rautavaara school is small school having just over 100 students in elementary and high school combined.

Objectives: Students will have personal experience of Finnish schooling system and contact with Finnish students and teachers. Students will present their own schooling system and culture to Finnish students.

Description: Rautavaara school is located 24 kilometers from Metsäkartano. Group will go to school by bus organized by Metsäkartano or group by selves. During the study visit students will be interaction with Rautavaara school students and teachers and have possibility to follow school work.

Note: Be prepared to introduce your own culture and school system.

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