Green Key and other responsible values of Metsäkartano

The Green Key and Metsäkartano

We have got Green Key certificate for our sustainable and responsible actions and services. It means that we have committed to raise environmental awareness among our staff and our visitors.

In practise that means for example

  • Heating of our buildings is 100% bioenergy, we use local wood chips.
  • We use only electricity from renewable sources.
  • We sort, recycle and compost our garbage.
  • We restrain usage of water and chemicals

Metsäkartano operates according to environmental ethics on principle of sustainable development. In the near vicinity there are extensive Natura 2000 and other ecological areas open to visitors either on their own or with a guide. Metsäkartano has Green Key award for its services and it is also a social enterprise.

Our values are strongly sustainable, and responsibility is visible in our everyday actions. Metsäkartano is also a social enterprise, so we use our profits to advance our youth work.

We want to create positive reactions and emotional experiences, which courage people to respect the wellbeing of the nature. Our goal is to help people with their personal growth and accepting themselves and the others.

The World is our common property and only with co-operation we can take care of it. Internationality is one of the cornerstones of our work and it is visible in our volunteerworkers, our guests and in our environment. Every year we host and send many young people for international youth camps and volunteerwork experiences.

Environmental Responsibility
We want to create possibilities for as many people as possible to get an experience of connecting with the nature. Base of our actions are sustainability and environmental education. We heat our buildings with our own wood heating plant, and our cooks use mostly local, domestic and organic ingredients as berries, fish, local meat, game, mushrooms and vegetables.

Our main purpose is to do youth work, help young people to connect within themselves and with others. We take care of our guests and our staff - it is importan that they are all feeling good. Our door is always open.

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