We invite your group to enjoy unforgettable and splendid experiences in our wilderness. Our professional youth professionlas like to tailor a program for your group. The length of it may vary from one day up to many weeks! All youth group programmes are tailor-made according to customers needs.

Metsäkartano is part of a national network of 10 youth centres specialized in youth work. Their function is to develop the methods used in the field of youth work, to act as centres for furthering the skills of the youth, and enable young people’s traveling domestically and abroad.

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More info about Youth Centres

Purpose of Metsäkartano Youth and Wilderness Centre is to promote:

  • international youth co-operation
  • non-formal education
  • environmental education

Metsäkartano operates according to environmental ethics on principle of sustainable development. In the near vicinity there are extensive Natura 2000 and other ecological areas open to visitors either on their own or with a guide. Metsäkartano has Green Key award for its services.

International youth work is a key focus for Metsäkartano Youth and Wilderness Centre. The purpose of all international youth work is to promote multicultural understanding, sense of belonging, and intercultural dialogue. Metsäkartano has impressive environment and excellent facilities and services for international groups in the heart of Finland.

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