Eurooppalainen vapaaehtoistoiminta – EVS

Eurooppalainen vapaaehtoistoiminta – EVS

Metsiksen kautta voit lähteä vapaaehtoistöihin ulkomaille. Miltei ilmaiseksi. Eurooppalaisen vapaaehtoistyöpalvelun kautta voit viettää mielekästä aikaa maailmalla aina kahdesta viikosta vuoteen saakka. Hoida uimarantoja Espanjassa, leikitä lapsia Maltalla tai kunnosta purjeveneitä Englannissa. Vaihtoehtoja on useita! EVS- ohjelma on suunnattu yli 17-vuotiaille ja me Metsiksellä autamme sinua sopivan työpaikan ja kohdemaan löytymisessä.

Lue tästä Letician terveiset vuodesta, jonka hän vietti Metsäkartanolla 2019-2020:

“If you are between 18 and 30, I highly suggest you to join ESC and find a project that interests you in a place you are curious about. Projects are designed for you to explore your own passions, find your strengths and weaknesses and learn about different cultures and work environments. ESC gave me the chance to embark on a long term volunteering in Metsäkartano youth center where I’ve learned about Finnish culture, traditions, nature and gotten fat eating delicious desserts (beware, the secret to Finnish patisserie is loads and loads of butter!).
At the beginning of 2019 I was browsing through the ESC projects database. I’ve always wanted to go abroad as a long term volunteer and after completing my university studies I decided it was time to go. I was looking for projects that would encourage me to improve my digital skills and do something creative, preferably in a not very crowded area in proximity with nature and in a coldish weather. “Digi-Woods of Eastern Finland” was everything I was looking for: working with the international coordinator of a youth center in the middle of rural Eastern Finland, work on social media to promote the activities organized by the youth center and inform about international volunteering. Also, help with the activities with groups coming to the center and enjoy the forest because the centre is located on the shore of a lake in a pretty secluded area (the closest village is about 23 km away and is inhabited by 3000 people) and it is surrounded by forests full of berries and mushrooms. A dreamland for berry-pickers and bird-watchers.
When I came to Metsäkartano I started working with other volunteers at nearby Hyvärilä youth centre: we created an Instagram profile (volunteers_eastfinland) and started posting about our experience. Meanwhile I fell in love with the place and its different seasons. Like in other youth centres, seasons are marked by different incoming groups and different activities that it is possible to do with them. In late March and April it is possible to enjoy snow, ski and try ice-fishing with international and Finnish groups, May is the first season of school camps where hordes of students invade the place to experiment with handicrafts and outdoor sports, and then it’s time for some rest before the next camp school season, international groups of trainees,  volunteers, etc. Every incoming group is a chance to learn more about the many activities that one can do in Metsäkartano, but also a chance to be creative and develop new activities. Volunteers are encouraged to create fresh workshops for those groups willing to be guided in English, and so I experimented. As any good Italian would, I thought of food when developing my first workshop and had the idea of teaching teenagers how to make fresh pasta outdoors. Let’s say it was not a brilliant idea. But I learned from my mistakes and next activity was definitely more successful (turns out that treasure hunts and escape rooms type of games are definitely better suited for my skill set, and also finding good partners to help plan activities is the key to success). My legacy to the youth center is the “forest mystery”, a treasure hunt that forces its players to learn about Finnish nature and regulations, and “Save Santa”, a Christmas-themed escape room type of game. During my time there I’ve also learned plenty about outdoor living, unknown customs and mushrooms, different ways of using rye flour to prepare anything from savory food to paint. My only regret is that I haven’t seen any bear, turns out that they prefer living closer to the Russian border. -Leti”

Lisätietoja vapaaehtoistyöpaikoista maailmalla löydät täältä

EVS -vapaaehtoisena Metsäkartanolla

Dany and Jean

Me myös vastaanotamme vapaaehtoistyöntekijöitä vuosittain. Viime vuonna ranskalaiset nuorisoalan osaajat Dany ja Jean olivat rikastuttamassa toimintaamme. He työskentelivät Metsäkartanon eri osa-alueilla ja pitivät kansainvälisiä kulttuuritunteja alueen kouluissa ja nuorisoalan organisaatioissa.

Katso Danyn ja Jeanin videoterveiset:


Rautavaaralta Martiniquelle

Lähetimme Villen vuodeksi Karibianmerelle EVS -vuotta viettämään.  Eurooppalaisen vapaaehtoisohjelman myötä Ville oppi itsestään paljon ja tulevaisuuden suunnitelmat selkiytyivät.  Martiniquella Ville työskenteli nuorten parissa erilaisissa projekteissa, mm. videopajoissa sekä puutarhatöissä.

”Kannatti lähteä, olen saanut uusia kokemuksia, löytänyt uusia puolia itsestäni sekä saanut uusia ystäviä ja mahdollisuuksia. Haasteet onnistumisineen ja epäonnistumisineen ovat antaneet työkaluja jatkoa ajatellen”.

Villen EVS -tunnelmia: