Previous International Projects

Zooming to the Youth, Media education, August and November

Importance of different kind of media has widely increased in youngsters every day life. To be able to be part of youngsters´ life groups of youth leaders from Ukraine, Belarus, Greece and Finland took part in media training course in Metsäkartano. The main focus of the training course was to encourage youth workers to use media extensively part of their job in local level. The training included two parts; during the first week in August, 2015 youth workers learned basic skills in photographing, movie making and how to use different kind computer application for manipulating photos and editing movies. The second part was evaluation meeting in November, 2015 where the leaders came with youngsters that they have been working with. The goal is to strengthen partnership and continue long-term cooperation because the need for this kind of media education is still urgent.
Erasmus+ programme supported the project.

zooming_janne heinonen

International Circus youth exchange, October

In October,2015 two talented groups of youngsters from Rautavaara and London met in Metsäkartano when International Circus youth exchange took place for six days. The young members of the local youth circus had an idea to arrange youth exchange to have some international experience and learn how to organise international event. Among learning language skills all the participants learned a lot about interpersonal and technical skills when both groups organised workshops to each others. The grand finale for the exchange was the common circus show arranged in the center of Rautavaara village. After the show all the willing children were able to try circus equipment with help of the participants from both groups. New skills and international friends will provide fresh motivation to continue with the hobby and visibility in local level will encourage new youngsters to join local circus. Erasmus+ programme supported the project.

international sircus_maija jeskanen

Poke the Globe 2015, October

In October, 2015 14 volunteers from Spain, Belarus, Greece, Jordan, Portugal and Lebanon gathered in Metsäkartano to be part of this year’s Poke the Globe EVS project.
The main theme of this short term EVS project was international education and promoting EVS programme for the Finnish youngsters. Volunteers visited various schools and youth houses and instructed cultural workshops for the local youth. Outdoor work around the youth centre was also part of their tasks.
EVS volunteers planned and organized the project’s main event, international day called Poke the Globe, where volunteers presented their cultures, prepared typical food and inspired Finnish youngsters for going abroad. The day reached almost 300 local students. Erasmus+ programme supported the project.

poketheglobe_hanna ikonen

Nature of Youngsters – youth exchange, August

Nature of Youngsters youth exchange gathered 35 youngsters to Metsäkartano from Spain, Norway and Finland for six days in August, 2015. The goal of the exchange was to learn to respect the nature and get familiar with how nature can provide us food. At the same time the youngsters got a chance to show pieces of their own cultures and they had an opportunity to try and learn these skills in the most basic way. For example, the participants got familiar with fishing, rowing and picking berries and mushrooms in beautiful nature of Metsäkartano. Part of the program were visitins The Martha organization in Joensuu and visiting an eco farm. This youth exchange is the second meeting with this group. First exchange, City of youngsters was organized in Murcia, Spain 2014. Erasmus+ programme supported the project.

natureofyoungsters_maria puranen

 Zooming to the Youth Training course

In August, 24 European youth workers participated in media education training course at Metsäkartano.
The aim of the course was to teach media education methods for youth workers. Topics of the training were media criticism, media literacy, media production with existing instruments and use of open source software. Training course aimed to encourage youth workers to use the media as a part of youth work and gave them basic skills in theory and in practice. Project continues in November, when evaluation meeting takes Place at Metsäkartano. Trainers of the course are Henna Middeke and Janne Heinonen.
Project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme.

Have a look on the concrete outcomes of the TC.

Poke the Globe 2013! A short term EVS project

In October 14 volunteers from Spain, Belarus, Greece, Israel, Lebanon and Algeria gathered in Metsäkartano to be part of this year’s Poke the Globe! project.

The main theme of the one month long European voluntary service project was international education. Volunteers visited schools and youth houses in the regions of North-Karelia and North-Savo and prepared various workshops for the students and youngsters. Outdoor work around the youth centre was also part of their tasks.

On 24th of October volunteers organized the project’s main event called “Tökkää Tellusta! Kutista Palloa!” for the local youth. Volunteers presented their cultures, prepared typical food and inspired the youngsters for going abroad. Youth in Action programme supported the project.

Check out the video and pictures of the project.

Focusing on youth 14.-21.8. 2013

 Training course on photographing  brought  together 20 youth workers from Algeria, Israel, Spain, Greece and Finland. The aim of the training was to offer new ways of photographing and learn how these methods could develop young persons self expression. During the TC participants learned various camera techniques such as light painting, photogram, pinhole-cameras, digital storytelling and pair/group working with cameras.

Trainer of the course was photographer Henna Middeke. Project was funded by Youth in Action programme. Photo Magdalena Wollhofen.

Study visit “From start to Finnish” 3.3. – 11.3.2013

The participants from Georgia, Lithuania, Belarus and Finland learned about different kinds of youth work, educational methods and the network of Finnish youth centres. Their journey across Finland brought them from Suomenlinna in Helsinki to Hyvärilä Youth Centre in Nurmes, then to Metsäkartano in Rautavaara and to Villa Elba Youth Centre in Kokkola.

The study visit which was supported by Youth in Action-program was full of learning, cooperation and building up partnerships – therefore some of the planned projects might be executed in Metsäkartano!


Youth exchange “Different people in nature” 17.-24.3.2013

Metsäkartano hosted a group of youngsters from the UK and Kuopio, Finland during their follow-up project from 2012. The theme “Paralympics” was also one main topic during this successful youth exchange in March. Outdoor and adventure education encouraged the pupils to overcome every day’s obstacles and difficulties, but lots of fun was guaranteed when they tried out snowshoeing, sledging or climbing!

The project was supported by Youth in Action-program.

Poke the Globe! Group EVS voluntary project

Metsäkartano hosted 16 volunteers from Algeria, Lebanon, Israel, Belarus and Spain in October. Volunteers arrived to Metsäkartano via European Voluntary Service programme which is supported by the European Commission’s Youth in Action programme. EVS volunteers organized a big international event, Poke the Globe, for the local youth and visited in several schools in the region. They also worked outdoors in the nature with various tasks.  As the voluntary experience worked out so well, we are going to host another group of volunteers also in autumn 2013.


HA-HA is A-HA! Evaluation meeting 26.2.–2.3.2012

The meeting evaluated how the participants had been able to adapt the art-education and different kind of humor-methods into youth work. The week was spent in improvisational and humor-oriented workshops, taking the offerings of the previous training even further. The project acted as a basis for the HA-HA is A-HA! – training project which begins in autumn 2012. Art educators Susanna Alanne and Meri Mort were laughing together with the group. The project was supported by Youth in Action –programme.


Team of Bears 4.-11.12.2011

This project was executed together with a special youth group from Kuopio. It provided the youngsters with opportunities to develop their knowledge of English and group working skills. Everyone also got familiar with the Spanish tapas and fish pastries from Kuopio. During this week the youngsters learned about cultural differences and similarities through drama, dance and handcraft. The project was supported by Youth in Action –programme.


Euromed Goes North- EVS in our environment- study visit 18.-20.10.2011

Metsäkartano was hosting a study visit, which gathered participants from the Middle-East and Northern Africa. The aim of the visit was to introduce the participants with the structures of Finnish youth work, the actions of our youth centre and to start up the co-operation with the European Voluntary Service, EVS. Thanks to this study visit, the first EVS-volunteers from Northern Africa and Middle-East will arrive to Metsäkartano in autumn 2012! The project was organized together with CIMO, International mobility and cooperation center.


EOE- conference 7.-10.10.2011

Adventure education professionals from all across the world gathered in Metsäkartano to share the latest research information and current methods in experimental learning. “Into the woods: About the significance of woods and wilderness for youth work in Europe”-conference found the interest of over hundred participants. The project was supported by Youth in Action –programme.


Allianssi Work  camp 11.–25.9. 2011

Seven youngsters from all over the world worked voluntarily in Metsäkartano in September. The participants planned the Poke the globe –youth event for the local youngsters and arranged happenings in the school of Rautavaara. Once again the staff of Metsäkartano got a suberb language bath and inspiring breezes from the world!


Poke the globe! 16.9.2011

Already traditional Youth event ‘Poke the globe!’ provided the youngsters of North Karelia and North Savo with information about internationality and the opportunities of Youth in Action –programme. In this colorful, international culture bazaar the youngsters got to use their knowledge of languages and learn customs from different countries. We shall poke the globe next year as well!



Imagine art in nature- environmental art course 7.-14.8.2011

During the course the European participants were inspired by the gorgeous landscapes of Metsäkartano, creating environmental art pieces into the wilderness and arranging a fine photo exhibition in Metsäkartano. Art educator Meri Mort worked as the instructor of the course.


Finnish expatriates youth camp 15.–27.7. 2011

The expatriate Finns spent a fun summer camp in the heat of July. The programme consisted of Finnish language and culture workshops and delightful Metsäkartano activities. The lake Ylä-Keyritty was in hard usage of the enthusiastic swimmers.


Young people’s lives through the ages – an International exchange based on improvisational exercises and drama 25.5. – 1.6.2011

The theme of the Let’s Impro!  -week was to explore the lives of the youth in different eras by using improvisation and drama exercises. At the same time the participants learned to work in international groups. In the end of the week, the youngsters from Italy, Czech Republic and Finland performed a cheery, fully improvised play. The course was led by art educator, Susanna Alanne. The project was supported by Youth in Action –programme.