European Voluntary Service


European Voluntary Service

European Voluntary Service (EVS) is an international volunteer programme funded by the European Commission. It enables young people to carry out an international volunteer service for a period from 2 weeks to 12 months.

EVS programme offers you a great way to come into contact with different cultures and to learn new skills and abilities useful for your personal and professional growth.

Each year we are hosting volunteers in short and long term projects. Contact us and spend a memorable EVS period in Metsäkartano!

Ongoing EVS projects:

Greetings from a trainee

We are hosting a German trainee Sissy Heiber who came to Metsäkartano four months ago from University of Marburg, Germany. During past four months she has been working with different kind of groups in Program Services and also participated both local and international projects. Besides that she has been doing a large scale of different kind of practical tasks that are running around the year despite of the season. Sissy thinks that the winter season is the best time to come here because there are not that many groups here which means that you have more time to create good interaction with group. Because of changing time tables she has learned to be flexible and open. She made friends with Finnish people and travelled around the country and learned about Finnish culture. “The space and silence are things I will miss the most,” she says when there is less than a month for homecoming.

Sissy Heiber

Poke the Globe!

In October 2015 Metsis is hosting a group EVS project. 16 volunteers from Spain, Belarus, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and Portugal will bring international energy to our youth centre!

The main theme of this one month long project is international education. Volunteers are visiting schools and youth houses in the region and prepare various cultural workshops for the youngsters. The idea is to encourage local youth to take part in international activities and learn from other cultures. Outdoor work around the youth centre is also part of the project.

On 22nd of October volunteers will organize the project’s main event called “Poke the Globe”. During this international day 250 students will visit Metsäkartano and EVS volunteers will instruct majority of the day’s activities.

Have a look how the event went last year

Alena´s EVS adventure in Metsäkartano


Hello! I’m Alena, Metsakartano´s volunteer from Belarus.

Whole my life i spent in Minsk ( the capital of Belarus). There i was born, i finished my school, graduated from college and then from University, worked as a junior researcher at Belarusian National Academy of sciences. And suddenly I understood that I was one side developed person, and to live fool life I need new unknown knowledge and experience.

I chose the European Voluntary Service. I looked through the database, found suitable project, sent motivation letter and pretty soon was chosen as a suitable candidate.

Then it was long time of picking up different documents, getting visa, looking for tickets and waiting. I was wondering how will that be, how will i survive without shops and cafes , friends and relatives, without all that habitual stuff…

And here I am in Finland!

I must say that Metsäkartano youth center exceeded all my expectations. It´s a wonderful place surrounded by bright nature, filled with birdsong and with full of amazing atmosphere.

Here I have a great opportunity to get new experiences in information education, working with schoolcamps, different activities, working with family groups and groups of different adult people. I will get experiences of youth exchanges too.

I’m able to receive information about different cultures and share my own culture and language with others. I’ve been here already 2 months and I enjoy every day and looking forward for the new knowledge and skills! You can invite me to your school or youth house and other events to instruct a cultural/language workshops. Feel free to contact me: evs(at)