Accommodation for many tastes

You can drop your bags in range of awesome places with us. At our main site we have the wilderness hotel Justeeri and Sirnikka in which we can accommodate larger groups. Besides these are our Eräsviitti suite and Marjamaa holiday apartments for a more luxury stay.

If you are in for a more natural experience we recommend Metsäkämppä or Metsäpirtti. Metsäkämppä is located in a serene lakeside environment only one and half kilometer from main building. Metsäpirtti is located 400 meters from the main site.

All our facilities are accessible by wheelchairs and have adapted toilets. Main roads are also paved for better accessibility.

All together we have 178 beds, so there is enough choice. Everyone is welcome at Metsäkartano also pets.

You can also book a room from