Greetings from a trainee

4.2.2016 International youth workNews

We are hosting a German trainee Sissy Heiber who came to Metsäkartano four months ago from University of Marburg, Germany. During past four months she has been working with different kind of groups in Program Services and also participated both local and international projects. Besides that she has been doing a large scale of different kind of practical tasks that are running around the year despite of the season. Sissy thinks that the winter season is the best time to come here because there are not that many groups here which means that you have more time to create good interaction with group. Because of changing time tables she has learned to be flexible and open. She made friends with Finnish people and travelled around the country and learned about Finnish culture. “The space and silence are things I will miss the most,” she says when there is less than a month for homecoming.

Sissy Heiber