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Metsäkartano or Metsis is a stunning resort located in Rautavaara, Finland.

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Camps and international youth work

Youth work is a key focus for us and we rock in that field. By organising various camps and international youth projects we support young people´s social inclusion and well-being. Wilderness starts right at our doorstep. Get immersed in it in our safe outdoor programs. Learning by doing is our principle.

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A perfect holiday

Cosy and quality accommodation, tasty local delicacies, friendly service and an assortment of outdoor and indoor activities guarantee unforgettable experiences to you.  Environmentally friendly service is a matter of course, so, Metsäkartano boasts of its Green Key. Metsäkartano gives you the opportunity to experience magnificent natural surroundings while enjoying all modern facilities you need for a perfect holiday.

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“Life is like a book, some chapters sad, some happy and some exciting. I know that the chapters of October 2012 at Metsäkartano were one of the best chapters I have ever read and lived. ”

— EVS- volunteer Mireille Chamieh, Lebanon

International Summer Camp

International Summer Camp


International Summer Camp 29.7.-5.8.2019 Metsäkartano Youth Centre welcomes you to join an international summer camp in August 2019! The camp gathers together youth of 13-16 years of age from different cultures to have wonderful experiences in one of the leading youth destinations of Eastern Finland. The activities include outdoor and indoor sports, handicrafts, nature experiences […]

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Metsäkartano is a stunning resort situated in Finland’s Lakeland region, the perfect setting for a fabulous holiday. You will enjoy many exciting outdoor experiences among vast forests, tranquil lakes and rivers which weave in and out of the lush countryside. Children will love the chance to discover many surprises of the great outdoors as they embark on fun activities.

Youth center

Metsäkartano is part of a national network of 10 youth centres specialized in youth work. Their function is to develop the methods used in the field of youth work, to act as centres for furthering the skills of the youth, and enable young people’s traveling domestically and abroad. Centres are supervised and subsidized by the Finnish Ministry of Education.

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